TIDE CLOCK Jacob Venker

With the hand as a gauging rod

The ultimate Hans Brinker clock


Photgraph: Wikipedia, M.Minderhout

Custom made clock that tells the tide and tidal streams for your local port and beach
Its mechanism and computer feature a complex calculation combining the lunar and 93 other harmonics.Therefore it is far more accurate than any other existing type of tide clock. The usual cumulative time deviations regularly add up to more than two hours. These revolutionary clocks reduce it to less than five minutes.

Jacob Venker's  tide clocks are always custom made. The hand of  these clocks  intersects the margin of the local polar tide plot, showing the water level, including the average slack moment of the local tidal stream. 
Picture 1.
Low tide ! Here in the antique city of MAASSLUIS. This clock is found on the facade of the old 17th century City Hall, near the old harbour.

Picture 2.
In diameter 59 cm: A wall clock of which many of this type were built for example for the Ministry for Traffic and Infrastructure and Environment all along the coast of The Netherlands. Jacob Venker produced this one for the control room of the Eastern Scheldt barrier in the Dutch province of Zealand, Netherlands

More... Go directly to a detailed explanation of this tide clock for the National Towage Museum in Maassluis near Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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By coincidence, the author and inventor of this Tide-clock, Jacob Venker, is also born in Haarlem, there where Hans Brinker was born.

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